Sebastiaan Meijerink

"What? Me? Maybe!"

Who Am I?

Born in the 'gemeente' Dussen, in the village Hank in 1977. Into a family with 2 loving parents and a three years old brother. When I was about 11 years old our family expanded by exactly one red headed sister. Finally! Someone in this family that looks like me.

I'm a technology enthousiast. But not from a consumer perspective, but from a business perspective. How can technologie help a business stay ahead!

I've got more than 15 years of experience, working on a large scale ERP system. And from an internet perspective, thats long!

What is this?

This whole website is primairily for my own education. It's been build with a variatity of techniques, although Microsoft technologie will be most common. Next to that the whole thing will be hosted on Azure.

I will use hosted examples of this site for my blogposts and I will try and share my experience. However I will not support any of the proposed solutions! Next to that this is not a resume site! If I'd be looking for a job, I'd let you know!

Project outline

The first part of the project is what you're looking at now. Building a personal landing page. Perhaps to be used behind my businesscard QRCode. This will be build in MVC 4.5. It's primary purpose is to, be a landing page for myself, prepare me for the Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications (70-486) exam.

The next will be a blog site, most likely WordPress. I think the main challenge here will be to create a seamless brand experience between other projects, which will most likely be running bootstrap and the WordPress blog.

From there on I will make this the starting point towards all the try-out an examples that I'm going to create on the Azure platform.